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Saba tours

Saba tours for all

A holiday in the Saba is so appealing to many people due to the countless Saba tours options. There are many attractions, shows, man-made and natural Saba tours to keep you busy your whole vacation.

You will discover through the daily tours a place rich in history, with a particular culture set in a unique landscape which offers many possibilities for entertainment, relaxation and also learning.

We and our partner sites can help you find information or make arrangements for the best Saba tours. Whether it's action and adventure you're looking for, or total relaxation we have something waiting for you.


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Saba tours and attractions

There is so much to enjoy in Saba tours ! The Saba tours start with the famous Saba guides, who assist tourists from around the world.

For a taste of the interesting local culture, just stroll on the streets and blend in the crowd or visit historical vestiges of times long gone. In the evening, dive into the flavors of the delicious local dishes of one of the area's many nearby restaurants.

Also, via the Saba tours you can count shops, bars, night clubs, casinos, and sports camps. With so much to choose from, you’ll never be bored in Saba .



Other about Saba  

Saba tours - you’ll never be bored

Saba is as beautiful above the water as it is below. It offers many trails, both for beginners and more experienced hikers, all reached by paths leading off from "The Road." There's nothing more dramatic than the hike to the top of Mount Scenery, a volcano that erupted 5,000 years ago. Allow at least 3 hours and take your time climbing the 1,064 sometimes-slippery chiseled-rock and concrete steps up to the cloud-reefed, 857m (2,811-ft.) mountain. You'll pass through a lush rainforest of palms, bromeliads, elephant ears, heliconia, mountain raspberries, lianas, and tree ferns. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands climbed these steps in her pumps and, upon reaching the summit, declared: "This is the smallest and highest place in my kingdom." On a clear day, you can see the neighboring islands of St. Kitts, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten, and even St. Barts. Ask your inn to pack you a picnic lunch, and bring water. The higher you climb, the cooler it grows, about a drop of about 1F (.5C) every 98m (321 ft.); on a hot day this can be quite an incentive. One of the most interesting hikes -- with some of Saba's most panoramic views -- is the Crispeen Track, reached from Windwardside as the main road descends to the hamlet of St. John's. Once at St. John's, the track heads northeast going through a narrow but dramatic gorge covered in thick tropical foliage. The vegetation grows lusher and lusher, taking in banana and citrus fields. As you reach the higher points of a section of the island called Rendezvous, the fields are no longer cultivated and begin to resemble a rainforest, covered with such flora as philodendron, anthurium, and the wild mammee. Hiking time to Rendezvous is about an hour. If you don't want to explore the natural attractions of the island on your own, the Saba Tourist Officecan arrange tours of the tropical rainforests. Jim Johnson, a fit, 40-ish Saban guide, conducts most of these tours, and knows the terrain better than anyone else on the island (he's sometimes difficult to reach, however). Johnson will point out orchids, golden heliconia, and other flora and fauna, as well as the rock formations and bromeliads you're likely to see. Tours can accommodate one to eight hikers and usually last about half a day; depending on your particular route and number of participants, the cost can be anywhere from $50 to $90. Actual prices, of course, are negotiated.

Saba Vacations site

Our company is running one of the largest pc and mobile travel website networks, covering top hotel, vacation package, airline ticket, beach, cruise, all inclusive and honeymoon destinations worldwide.

We will also run a travel blog portal which centralises the blogs posted by our visitors on all of our websites and which represents one of the world's best travel information resources, totally build by people such as yourself.

In the link section, you can check more links to our travel website network as well as to other third party specialized websites as or which we suggest you to visit if are you planning a trip to Saba .


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